One of Silvian Heach Spring/Summer 2020 mood is the Paisley Pattern.

Paisley is one of the most loved prints by women. The Cambridge dictionary defines it as a colored texture with curved shapes that is used according to clothing (lit. "A colorful motif of curved shapes, usually on canvas"). It has Persian origins and depicts the boteh, which has a vegetable form.

Silvian Heach, for the Spring / Summer 2020 collection, offers a very rich proposal by recommending this famous fantasy in several variants: the must-have of the season is definitely the complete jackets and shortes or jacket and wide trousers in green satin and paisley in shades of Violet. Crop pants in the same fabric are an alternative to wide trousers. The paisley returns in hot nuances shades on a white base on very light clothes with a bohemien style, ideal for embarking on a trip out of town or for exploring a rural landscape of the Bel Paese. On a dark blue base in orange tones, it is proposed for suits and short dresses of vintage echoes.
Finally, for the more classic ones there is the proposal on BLACK BASE with white print for a metropolitan country chic mod to be used day by day for both work and leisure, combining it with camperos boots or white sneakers.

Paisley Silvian Heach SS20