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Advocate and promoter for young talent since ever, Silvian Heach, who has been creating capsule
collections for a few years, is coming back with a project supporting young women and their startups.

A day dedicated to girls who will show what their world is about, what their daily routine looks like
and will talk about themselves through short video interviews. The project will also include webinars
and online workshops of each young woman with the Silvian Heach community to create a bond
and make the community feel like the key part of this venture.

Heach woman is strong, aiming at enlarging the new female entrepreneurs generation, on one hand
is bringing itself alongside the already undertaken activities of the Arav Group to support young
people, engaging its international network of fashion enthusiasts and brand devoted customers, on
the other hand would like to give the possibility to the new faces of fashion entrepreneurship to
express themselves and tell all the “secrets” for a new millennium entrepreneur.
Heach woman is strong is born by the desire of the Silvian Heach brand founder, Mena Marano,
to create a new project starring the young female entrepreneurs of the fashion industry so that,
with their creativity, they can be inspirational to the women of tomorrow, making them believe
in themselves and their passions. Virtual interviews will be shot with the intention of creating
a corner on the Silvian Heach website dedicated to the young female entrepreneurs’ brand.
Freedom of expression and talent are at the heart of this project supporting all women.

The project will be followed by the creation of corners placed on the Silvian Heach online boutique
dedicated to the brands of each young entrepreneur and an ADV campaign with all the protagonists
as an overall representation of the project to enhance female power, forever in line with Silvian
Heach’s values.
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