Chitè Lingerie

Anything you are going to do for Christmas and New Year's holidays, don't forget how important it is to wear amazing undies.
The right lingerie not only highlights what we are wearing but it allows us to be comfortably perfect.

This year, Silvian Heach and Chitè lingerie are launching a new Xmas Capsule Collection in which it is really hard, almost impossible, to say no!
The protagonist is not the usual red but irony, together with sensuality and elegance.
Three satin models in three different colors - burgundy, serenity and gold - which mix themselves to the humour of the emboidered sentences: "E adesso?", "Try again!" and "Consomme-moi".

The models are suitable for any woman, letting her express her soul through the lingerie.

And now? It's so hard to choose!

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